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Driven by a great passion and taste for antiques, Antiquoeste was founded about 20 years ago by António Luís Reis Gomes. Proudly one of the largest antique stores in Portugal, with a total area of about 15,000 m2, Antiquoeste is a company that excels in a close relationship with its customers as well as the quality and variety of all the products available.

we have largest and best selection of products available for antique lovers, items with great historical value, some with unique or rare features.

Antiquoeste is dedicated to both purchase and the sale of Antiques: Sacred Art, Faiences, furniture, stones and irons, Paintings, curiosities and Vintage Products, as well as all kinds of new and used material. We provide our products with or without restoration and carry out this service if desired by the customer. We work with the best restoration professionals. We also provide free restauration estimates.

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20,000 m2 of exhibition where you can find: Sacred Art, Faiences, Furniture, Stones and Irons, Paintings, curiosities, Vintage Products, etc.

Estrada Nacional Nº 9 – Zona Industrial de Valverde – Casalinhos de Alfaiata 2560-525 Silveira - Torres Vedras - Portugal
(+ 351) 261 938 674
(+ 351) 917 242 552 | 917 368 371

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